New Music We Love July 17 2013, 547 Comments

Summer is now in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier. To me, music is an essential aspect of this season. Whether I am going for a run, taking a road trip, relaxing on the beach, or even just chilling in my apartment with the windows open. It is essential that I have good music playing. I always find myself coming back to certain bands in the Summertime — both new and old, they are the ones that always seem to capture the exact feeling of Summer that I want to surround myself with. So here is one of my favorite songs playing in store at Urbanization right now by a new band called Chvrches — who would make your list?

New Music We Love June 06 2013, 0 Comments

Summer and good music go hand in hand…there’s nothing better than going for a drive with the windows down and good music on the radio, or relaxing outside with a cool drink in hand and good tunes playing in the background. Here is a song that we have been playing in store by the band Phoenix that I love right now — what are you currently listening to? Share in the comments!