3 Things To Do This Spring April 11 2017, 30 Comments

Springtime marks the beginning of a new year in some cultures. To me it represents rebirth, a fresh start, and the potential of something new that could lead to something exciting.

This is the time of year for many of us when the weather starts to warm up, the flowers start to bloom, and people are out and about more and more.

Here are three things to do this Spring to enjoy the new season and all it brings!

Clean your space

Why is it that Spring Cleaning is always associated with Springtime? In many cultures, Spring marks the beginning of a new year which means getting rid of all of that clutter and nonsense that is no longer needed around the house. I always do a nice big clothing purge to open up space in my closet and then start to get rid of all of those things that have piled up that are no longer of any use to me. One nice deep cleaning of your dwelling can do wonders. You'll just breathe deeper next time knowing all of that clutter is gone opening up space for new beginnings!

Find a farmer's market

As the weather starts to warm up, more and more farmer's markets set up their tents to show the bounty that all of that rain has brought. I love browsing all of the vendor's tents, sampling the organic fruits, sweets, and flavorful breads before I take my favorite items home with me. Track down your local farmer's market and do your grocery shopping while enjoying the fresh air!

Get outside!

All of that wet weather we had this year is bringing some pretty amazing flowers! There's something magical about running through a flower field filled with bright flowers- breathing that fresh open air - taking in some Vitamin D while your fingertips brush against the soft, colorful blooms as you take in open space. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful colors and fresh outdoor scents that nature has to offer!!!

Being cooped up all Winter was rough with all of the rain (that we much needed, of course), but now it's time to get out there and enjoy all of the spoils. Time to take a break from phones, computers, and TV and enjoy the new season and everything it brings with it!