The Meaning of The Super Blood Moon September 27 2015, 0 Comments

We have all seen a full moon at some point in out lives- weather you're driving home, taking an evening walk with a significant other, or just sitting outside on a nice night looking at the stars and there it is: The Full Moon. The bright, round, cheesy-like orb in the sky- but tonight, we are in store for a special treat. On this night if you look up in the sky on 7:11pm, you will find the sun, moon, and earth lining up during a full moon resulting in a rare total lunar eclipse of a super moon! How freaking cool is that?!
But what is a blood moon exactly and what does this rare occurrence signify?
The full moon almost always appears a coppery shade of red during a lunar eclipse due to the sunlight that is filtered and refracted by the Earth's atmosphere. This is known as the "Blood Moon" or Hunter's Moon by early Native American tribes. These names were then adopted by colonials and here we are now in 2015 witnessing our fourth out of four (Tetra) full moons over 2014/2015. The Earth's shadow can be seen creeping across the moon's face until it has completely covered the moon. Then, when the moon is fully covered by the Earth's shadow- the blood red tinge will appear. 
What does it all mean?
The simple answer is, no one really knows. We do know that full moons have been known to impact the tides, and human beings are 70% water. Some believe that full moons effect the body's circadian rhythm. Some ancient cultures believe that full moons and the lunar cycle has an effect on woman's fertility and hormones. Astrologers believe that as this full moon falls in the first degree of Aries (a very agressive fire sign) this eclipse is associated with assertiveness, action, and individualism. You may feel the need to let that certain someone know how you feel about them or something that has been bothering you that you feel the need to get off of your chest. Things might be feeling a bit stirred up during this time, but try to keep your cool and not react till you have worked through whatever it is that is bugging you.
Full moons are also known to signify a new beginning or significant change. This would be a great time to reflect on the people or things in your life and letting go of the ones that are no longer bringing positivity to you. This may be a time when a light bulb goes off and you have a realization or "a-ha" moment. Things are changing and we are all active participants in the changes happening in our lives as well as the lives of others.
With it's mysterious connotations and shorter days, make sure to embrace the lunar cycle and as we transition into a new season, take a moment to appreciate the changes going on around you, set an intention, and devote some time to watch this super blood moon eclipse from a nice, quiet place.
How will you celebrate the Blood Moon? 

New year, healthy you! January 19 2015, 0 Comments


One of the mantras we follow at Urbanization is taking care of your body and being are the keys to happiness and a well balanced life.  We are only given one body and it's important to take care of it.  When you live with healthy habits you look at feel your best!  Here are some of our top tips for a great start to 2015!


Set goals and hold yourself accountable – keep a fitness journal with weekly goals and progress notes. If your goal is to run a marathon, set a goal to increase the miles you can run every week, then write it down. Putting goals on paper makes you more accountable and it’s all the more rewarding when you accomplish them!



Spread the word! - if you tell people about your plans and goals, you are much more likely to follow through. It will hold you accountable and force you to be true to your word. Rally your troops and they will be there to motivate and support you.


Small changes will lead to big results - You’re aiming to make healthy habits that become a part of your everyday life. Start small and take it one day at a time. Examples could be switch whole milk for skim, take the stairs instead of the elevator or swap a donut for yogurt and granola for breakfast.



Stay motivated with rewarding yourself – you deserve to be compensated for your hard work. Treat yourself when you accomplish your goals! Take that vacation or buy that necklace you’ve been keeping an eye on.



Gear up! - nothing motivates me more than wanting to wear my new workout clothes or try out my new yoga mat. If you look the part you will feel the part! Here at Urbanization we are now offering 40% our Solow Sport fitness collection. Check out our amazing selection of performance legging, sports bras, tops and hoodies!



Remind yourself why you’re doing it – at some point you will hit a roadblock. Stop and think about the big picture and how you will feel when you have accomplished your goals. This will help you get past the hiccup and get back on track.



Get moving! - there’s no substitute for physical exercise. The benefits to regular sweat sessions are endless and include increased energy and a toned figure. You don’t have to be a gym rat to get the exercise you need, do activities that you enjoy. Us ladies at Urbanization are big fans of taking our dogs out hiking on our beautiful bay area trails!

Photo and Copy credit: Gennifer Rose

She's a Wanderer; Outfit Inspiration for the Wanderer in You. February 05 2014, 0 Comments

This past weekend I was able to take a trip down to Big Sur, California. If you haven't been there, it's on the coast of California. Highway 1 is one of the most amazing drives you could ever take. The views of the ocean are spectacular and the vast ocean views really put things into perspective for me.

Hiking has always been a huge hobby of mine. I always feel most at peace near the ocean and around nature. Above I wore the most simple yet cute outfit for hiking; Dear John boyfriend denim, ankle boots, and a flannel to top it all off. 

I love taking trips like this because it really inspires me in so many ways as well as inspires my outfit choices. 
If you decide to stop by Big Sur, be sure to go to Nepenthe. It's the most beautiful restaurant that looks over the pacific ocean. Their food is incredible and the view is unbeatable!
Here's some outfit ideas I came up with that are easy and comfortable if you're considering taking a long drive to a inspirational destination yourself. 


This first one was on the drive to down to Big Sur. Ripped boyfriend Denim new in shop, a basic white tank with a bralette, and a tribal cardigan. Boyfriend denim and geometric patterns are going to be HUGE trends this spring so be sure to grab yours at our store before they run out!

This next one was for our hike. I brought along with me my slouchy beanie and fingerless gloves to keep warm on our rainy hike. We only have a few left in store, so be sure to grab yours soon! 

Thanks for checking out this weeks blog post! Check back soon for inspiring pictures, the latest trends, and more! Xo

Guest Post: Jenna Shaffer In Italy October 13 2013, 0 Comments

We are so excited to share this guest post from our good friend, co-worker, and fashionista, Jenna Shaffer


Day 1- Wanderlust
Well, after being up for 24 long hours due to traveling I still had some time to kill once i reached my hotel and before I had to go to sleep. Naturally, my first question was, "is there any internet?" My second was, "where do the locals go?" I couldn't wait to get my first taste of true Italian life.

The man at the front desk gave me the quick rundown of where I needed to go so I dropped my bags off in my room, and hit the town. My outfit was perfect for the flight as well as an evening stroll: boots skinny jeans by Genetic Denim, a simple white tank, my racerback bralette and my Rising Tides Hooded Cardigan.

This fountain in a small plaza a few blocks from my hotel was the first place I went and saw the locals drinking, playing cards, reading etc. THIS is where i saw the true fashion of Italy. Its not much different from what we have in California from a ladies perspective. The same colors and styles are trending such as the ankle boot and the rust red color. As for the men, I've never seen such finely dressed men, not even in San Francisco. These men dress just as good if not better than the women!

I was so inspired, regardless of exhaustion. Everything from the cobblestone paths to the windows to the fashion. All of it just got my creative brain flowing. Everything here is so fresh yet so old. Fresh cut flowers are in all the windows and on the dinner tables.

The attention Italians put into detail is fascinating and astonishing. You see it everywhere from their buldings to their food but most importantly their fashion. Needless to say I was excited to see what fashion I would see the next day. Exhausted beyond belief I finished my glass of wine and headed home, to rest up for what the next day would have in store.

Jenna Shaffer