Bejeweled Decor! January 31 2015, 0 Comments

We all have busy schedules and sometimes our morning routine doesn’t leave much room for styling our outfits. But it’s those last simple touches that really make an outfit standout. One simple way of streamlining the process is organizing your jewelry in a way that’s easily accessible. Jewelry storage can also double as décor, especially if you do it the way we do at Urbanization. We’ve come up with some nifty ways to make our jewelry double as decoration!


If you’re limited on surface space, hanging on the wall is a great solution.  Picture frames can be a great way to showcase statement necklaces!



Vintage wooden boxes with compartments help organize and are oh so beautiful to look at!



Vintage bowls and candle votives are great for storing rings and small trinkets. 


 DIY projects can be a ton of fun and you can customize it for your exact needs.  We created these necklace stands with wood parts purchased at Michaels! 



 Photo and Copy Credit: Gennifer Rose