Dip Dyed Shoes: Inspired By The Trend June 25 2013, 38 Comments

When it comes to the trends featured in our store, it’s always fun to try and come up with other accessories and complimentary pieces that go with the trend. With Dip Dye, I immediately knew I wanted to try to dip dye my boring, solid some plain old sneakers! I love how simple this process is, and how easy it is to do! You can also switch it up and try different colors or try it on other accessories like canvas totes.

All you need are some white sneakers, fabric dye (in your choice of color), Vaseline, baking powder and an old toothbrush.

You can buy simple canvas sneakers at Payless for around $15.00 or go for some Keds. Rit fabric dye works great on cottons and really affordable!

1.Start by preparing your sneakers, removing any laces and removable inserts. To protect the rubber sole from discoloring, coat the sides with a thin layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly. You don't need too much, just enough to create a barrier between the dye and the rubber.


2. Mix your dye as per the packet instructions, with hot water and salt as required. Thoroughly wet your sneakers before starting, this will help the dye to take evenly.

3. Take your sneakers and quickly dip the toes in and out of the dye bath about 1/3 of the way. Check out the depth of the colour and decide if it is too dark or light for your liking. If too dark, water down your dye mixture and dip again, this time slightly higher than your first dip.

4. Repeat the previous step staggering the level of your dip along the shoes so that the lightest shade starts at the tongue and the darkest shade is at the tip of the toes.

5. Take a damp cloth and gently rub the color, blurring any harsh lines to create a smooth transition from light to dark. Dip the cloth into a watered down cup of dye if need be.

6. When you are happy with the color, allow to sit for five minutes and then rinse the shoes under running water until the water runs clear. Hang to dry overnight.



7. Once your shoes have dried, you can remove the Vaseline from the soles. Take a few teaspoons of baking powder and pour onto the Vaseline. Allow to sit for a couple of minutes and then, using an old dry toothbrush or bristled brush, scrub away at the baking powder. It should start to clump and come away in balls. Continue around the shoe until you have removed all the Vaseline and wipe over with a paper towel. Repeat if necessary until the soles are no longer tacky to touch. (Any residual Vaseline will wear away over time.)

8. Return the laces to your shoes, pop them on and enjoy!