DIY Natural Elements Dreamcatcher March 03 2015, 7 Comments

Here at Urbanization we are known for our unique and original store displays.  You can feel the boho inspired vibe and atmosphere right when you walk in the door.  Our Creative Director Sunny Hartley comes up with a creative direction and theme for every season and all the ladies work together to make it come to life.  We handcraft our displays and search flea markets for vintage treasures.  We love hearing from our customers how much they enjoy the displays we make!

This Spring we are going for a natural beachy atmosphere and to anchor the look we are starting with our DIY dreamcatchers.  We have created a step by step guide so you can make your own at home!



Supply list:

- 3 wood sticks of even length.  Ours are about 2 feet long

- natural colored cotton string

- hemp or jute twine

- feathers

- hot glue gun

- scissors




Step 1:  

Lay your sticks into your desired shape.  Use the hot glue gun to temporarily hold them in place.  Next take the twine to tie and wrap it around the edges of the sticks to secure them in place.  


Step 2:  

Cut pieces of the twine and string.    We wanted a v-shape at the bottom of our dreamcatcher so we cut the hanging pieces in decreasing lengths.  Loop and knot them over the bottom base piece of the triangle.  We recommend looping 3 to 6 pieces of string at once to make it look fuller and speed the process along.  You can braid the hanging pieces for more interest and texture.  



Step 3:  

Add your final touches.  We hung clusters of feathers in the middle for a delicate whimsical touch.  In order to hang it up we braided a piece of the twine and looped it through the top of the triangle for a secure handle.  



Step 4:

Hang on your wall or dangle from the ceiling.  Enjoy!





Photo and copy credit: Gennifer Rose