Top 10 Style Resolutions for 2015 January 12 2015, 0 Comments

A new year means a new beginning and what better way to start fresh than with a new style!

1. Define your signature style.  Look back on 2014 and think about the outfits that stand out in your mind.  What did you like about them and how do they reflect your personal style?  When you make purchases, think about if the items fit in with your new signature brand.  This will give your closet a cohesive look and feel and it will make dressing super easy because everything will mix and match perfectly.  Here at Urbanization we have pieces that suit any signature style, from boho, minimalist or classic sophisticated we've got you covered! 

2. Out with the old, in with the new!  Clean out your closet and identify all the clothing and accessories you don't wear anymore.  Have some friends over for a closet swap or make some extra cash by selling online to sites like Twice or Threadlip.  Begin building your wardrobe with clothing and accessories that fit into your new signature style. 


 3. Dress for yourself!  Stop worrying about what others think about your style and wear what makes you feel happy and comfortable. 

4. Fill the holes in your wardrobe.  Do you often feel like you can’t achieve the look you want because there are some key pieces missing in your closet?    The ladies at Urbanization are experts in putting together a complete look and can help you identify what you need to achieve your ideal wardrobe.

 5. Investment pieces are worth the splurge!  Trends come and go but there are classic pieces that you will wear season after season.  Here at Urbanization we carry staple items like denim, sweaters, moto jackets and basics that will carry over year after year.   

  6. Get out of your style rut.  If you keep going back to the same comfort pieces get out of your comfort zone and try something a little different. You may find that it's your new favorite!

 7. Learn how to properly care for and make your favorites last longer.  Nobody enjoys doing laundry but you may be damaging your favorite articles of clothing by throwing them into a hot wash.  Harsh detergents and dryer heat can shorten the lifespan of delicate fabrics.  Take the time to read the care label and hand wash in cold water when needed.

 8. Complete the look with touches of detail.  Small touches make a big difference to completing a look.  Add jewelry, layer necklaces, add a scarf or a beanie to add some interest.  And don't forget to pair your favorite bag with your outfit! 

9. Look for versatility.  Get more mileage out of your clothing with versatile pieces that can be worn for multiple types of occasions.  Learn how to outfit and style your clothes for work and play.  

10.  Lastly, take care of yourself.  We live in our bodies everyday and it’s important that we treat it right.  In relation to style, a healthy glow is one of the first things that people notice.  Eat healthy, drink water and take care of your skin with natural products


Here's to a stylish, happy and healthy 2015!

Lot's of love from the ladies at Urbanization!




Copy credit: Gennifer Rose

Photo credit: Jennifer Harpe and Gennifer Rose


Get on our Higher Level January 11 2015, 0 Comments

Here at Urbanization we are in love with our Higher Level Pullover!  It hits all the high points with an oversized fit and a dip dye color story.  Pair it with our Midnight Oil Vegan Leather Mini Skirt or our High Rise Ankle Skinny for an instant pulled together look! 

Shop this look on our website!  


Copy credit: Gennifer Rose

Photo credit: Jennifer Harpe

Fall Style Inspiration From Our Urbanization Girls September 28 2013, 0 Comments

Today we are excited to share a beautiful style shoot courtesy of the ladies right here at Urbanization San Carlos! These girls eat, sleep, and breathe Urbanization and all the fun fashion and lifestyle that comes with it! Decked out in their favorite Fall looks they went to capture the magical mood of Autumn and all of this years trends that go along with it. You can almost smell the crispness in the air and hear the rustling of leaves in the wind.

Katie and her layered look. Loving the knitted pullover over the slip!

Rachel rocking her Chaser.

Trend Direction: Top 5 90's Trends Coming Back August 24 2013, 0 Comments

Yup, it's back! This month we were exploring the idea of 90's style resurfacing in Fall 2013 and beyond. Having nostalgia for the early 90′s iconic trends, but thinking how the fit & proportions could evolve. Mixing plaid, rugged denim, patching, ditsy florals, & baby doll silhouettes, but taken out of context and re-envisioned for 2013.

The idea of this trend direction came from the idea of duality — juxtaposition of hard vs. soft, black vs. white, masculinity vs. femininity, light vs. dark. There is an equal opposite to everything. 

Here are our Top 5 90's trends for Fall 2013 and beyond!


1. Boyfriend Jeans

90's denim in all it's ripped and faded glory. After a few seasons of ‘90s neon and leggings being all the rage, it was only a matter of time before the decade’s denim followed suit. Pair this with your favorite t-shirt, blazer, or bomber jacket for an easy styling look. For those of you preferring a more relaxed take on this trend, try the straight-legged boyfriend jean. The style is slightly more relaxed in the legs, and the baggy cut will give you an effortlessly cool look. 


2. Babydoll Dresses

Guess who's back: The Babydoll Dress! The good news is the latest crop kicked the empire waist to the curb and is a more free-flowing, sophisticated kind of style and we couldn't be happier. Here at Urbanization, we LOVE layering with babydoll dresses and slips. This years babydoll dress can be worn with combat boots (which we will get to later) and layered with pullovers or jackets as well. 

3. Overalls

Yup. You heard it right...overalls are back! There's just something so comfortable and easy about overalls that we never really outgrow. It’s time to bring back those overalls from the depths of your closet and pair them with your button ups, tees, and grandpa cardigans- This one is my personal favorite because I have a pair of washed out Levi's overalls that I have been dying to wear out and about!!!

4. Combat Boots

Combat boots are by far one of the styles of the 90’s that came back roaring. This was a go-to staple for lots of bands in the 90's (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Hole, & No Doubt just to name a few) and every shoe brand out there right now is hopping on this train. As I’m sure you have seen every girl (and you probably own a pair- or two) wearing these with cut off shorts and skirts now and over your skinny cords and denim in the winter. Combat boots are here to stay. Wear them with EVERYTHING!


5. Plaid

Last but most certainly not least - plaid. Each and every outfit in the 90's seemed to revolve around plaid. Thankfully, the crosshatched pattern is found in more than just men’s flannel shirts – cute dresses, long tunic tops and winter coats all exclaim its multi-colored vibrancy in a decade definitely more “look at me” that “stop looking at me.” If you're starting out on this trend, try wearing your plaid button ups tied around your waist with some distressed denim or over a t-shirt or tank as a cardigan.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Urbanization Style Photos We Love! July 19 2013, 0 Comments

Each week, we pull some of our favorite Urbanization photos from our in store fit sessions and photos from our Urbanization girls. It’s fun once you start seeing all the different ways women are wearing Urbanization product. We often get some great styling tips from those who upload photos. So, if you find yourself wearing a Urbanization item one day, login on Facebook and upload a pic of yourself to our page! Every week we will post looks we love. Here are a few favorites from this week.

Trend Alert: Back Details June 05 2013, 0 Comments

Along with summer comes more bare skin, and when it comes to baring skin, sometimes its more fun to do it in subtle and unexpected ways. One way that we’re loving this summer is to show skin through interesting back details and cutouts. We have some awesome new pieces right now that feature intricate back details and cutouts that give the basic t-shirt a cool, edgy factor. Here’s a closer look at some of our favorites!

Above – The cutouts on the back of the Pattie Anne Crochet Back Tank give it some added interest and edge, without being over the top. Add a set of bangles to add some more flare to your outfit.

We are all in love with the fun cutout detail on the back of the Chaser Freedom Riders Vent Back Tee! I love how this looks worn with a pair of denim cut-offs in a light wash.

The cross back of this tank is so sweet and unexpected — take the opportunity to draw attention to a cool hairstyle while you have the attention on your back, as well! Below is the photo of the Tropical Skull Graphic on the front.