Nail Art: Fall 2013 Runway Nails July 23 2013, 0 Comments

As we transition from Summer into Fall, colors and prints start to get a bit more dark and defined. Fall 2013 runways are full of tribal and geometric patterns contributing to some really cool nail art ideas! Here's a tutorial on some fun transitional Fall patterned nails:

What you need:

Black and white nail polish

Toothpick or nail art pen

Top coat

To start, paint a thin black line across the middle of your nail on your index finger, then draw four vertical lines through the first line. 


Take your white polish and fill in the blanks, then use your black polish to go over the original lines and clean them up. We do the back-and-forth method with the colors because it allows for you to make more mistakes — if you painted your nail white first and then painted on the black, it would make any shakiness or errors look more apparent. This way you can go back and clean things up, without making the design get too goopy or smudged. Repeat this design on your pinkie finger. 



Using your black polish, draw a horizontal line across the middle of the nail on your ring finger, then draw a vertical line directly below that, making a "T" shape. On each side of the vertical line, make another vertical line about halfway up, then create a small horizontal line to connect it to the edge of the nail.


On the top of that first horizontal line, make five short vertical lines that extend across the nail. Use your white polish to fill in the blanks, then clean up and define your lines with the black. Apply a top coat and voila- you're done!